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A Healing Revolution

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Beth's offerings...

"Cell to Soul" 
Energy Wellness Experience

Beth's most popular package includes a customized blend of


Reiki Treatment

Utilizing her intuition and knowledge about wellness, Beth coaches you through physical, mental/emotional, social, and spiritual issues blocking your path to healing. 


During this session, Beth will offer a variety of her gifts custom-designed for you based on precisely what YOU need.

A session can provide:


  • Release of blocked, negative energy

  • Increased physical, emotional, and mental well-being

  • Pain relief; insights into sources of pain

  • Relaxation; stress relief

  • Understanding of karmic relationships, unhealthy cycles

  • Connecting to someone (living or passed on)

  • Healing from trauma

  • Steps to take for additional healing

  • Enhanced intuition


What to expect:

  • This journey begins by discussing your health goals and path so far and setting your intentions for the energy medicine portion of the session, where the intuitive channels of healing will be opened between Beth's hands and intuition, and your cells and soul

  • All private healing sessions are customized for each client and may include light hands-on and hands-off healing (hand 2 to 6 inches away from the body)

  • Concluding the energy portion of the session you and Beth will discuss your experience and any intuitive hits she or you received about your healing and spiritual journey and she will offer recommendations for your possible next steps for additional healing

  • Offered in-person or remotely via Zoom

  • In-person sessions: 

    • The client remains fully clothed and has the option of sitting or lying on a chair or massage table

  • Online sessions: 

    • Sessions completed via phone or online video conference will be conducted using the same methods as in-person sessions, but the client will be in their location in the most comfortable position they can find​​

"It's so incredible how Beth could connect so precisely to me without knowing each other. ~ Meica

Relax, gain insights, and clear energy blockages to increase physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Experience an energetic boost, and feel healthier, happier, and more comfortable in "your own skin" with a customized blend of energy medicine and wellness coaching by certified nutritionist, health educator, Reiki practitioner, and intuitive healer, Beth Kahn.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy medicine that targets the energy fields around the body. Energy can stagnate in the body due to physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. Reiki aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure. Improving the flow of energy can help heal emotional, physical, and spiritual pain and reduce symptoms of illness.  

Additional Offerings

"A la Carte" 
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Healing Stones
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