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A Healing Revolution

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Remote Reiki Energy

Intuitive Energy Medicine

Reiki is a type of energy healing that targets the energy fields around the body. Energy can stagnate in the body due to physical or emotional pain. Energy medicine aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure. Improving the flow of energy can help heal emotional and physical pain and reduce symptoms of illness. Many of us have experienced energy healing: for example when we place our hands on a source of physical pain or kiss a "boo-boo." 


Certified Reiki practitioner, Beth Kahn can help you relax, and clear energy blockages to speed up physical, mental, and emotional healing. You can gain an energetic boost, and feel healthier, happier, and more comfortable in "your own skin," often after just one session! 

Energy medicine sessions can provide:


  • Release of blocked, stagnant, negative energy

  • Physical, emotional, and mental pain relief

  • Relaxation and feeling of well-being

  • Insights into sources of pain

  • Guidance on steps for future healing


What to expect from an energy medicine session:

  • All private healing sessions are customized for each client and may include light hands-on and hands-off healing (2 to 6 inches away from the body)

  • Concluding the session Beth will share any intuitive messages/suggestions for your current situation and future healing

In-person sessions: 

  • The client remains fully clothed at all times and has the option of sitting or lying on a massage table or chair


Online sessions: 

  • Sessions completed via phone or online video conference will be conducted using the same methods as in-person sessions, but the client will be in their location in the most comfortable position they can find

Reiki Treatment

By making small tweaks to the diet, you can lose weight, lift your mood, and experience many other health benefits that come with a balanced diet.


UC Davis graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition, Beth Kahn teaches you how to eat healthy in easy and tasty ways based on your individual preferences and lifestyle. This is not your typical diet advice! Beth will guide you to focus on what you CAN eat, not on what you can’t.


Nutrition sessions can provide:


  • Weight loss

  • Improved well-being and energy

  • Improvements in conditions such as diabetes, ADHD, blood pressure & cholesterol


What to expect in a nutrition session:

  • Personal one-on-one, group, or family nutrition counseling

    • Review and analyze current dietary habits via a daily food journal

    • Personalized meal plans and recipes

    • Grocery shopping, food preparation, and cooking guidance ​​

Nutritional Counseling, Private and Commercial

Nutrition Coaching

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Wellness and Nutrition Education for Corporations. Non-profits and Other Organizations

Holistic Mind-body Wellness Coaching

Unresolved and unidentified issues are often at the root of physical and emotional pain and illness, and these issues are often interrelated. Deep healing requires providing space, and support, for any issue that comes up along our healing journey.


Health and wellness educator, Beth Kahn supports clients with matters affecting physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health including relationship building, healthy communication, and coping with anxiety, depression, and stress. Beth not only coaches but has "walked the talk" in her own life. Beth supports you in overcoming the obstacles that are blocking the path to your health goals.

Wellness Coaching can provide: 


  • Tools for self-care

  • Guidance and direction on steps in the path of healing

  • Supports and gives clients permission to take care of themselves

  • Health mentoring

  • Personal healing roadmap

What to expect in a Wellness Coaching session:

  • Discuss your health concerns and healing path; including current and future goals

  • Build on what you have already done, successes, failures, plateaus 

  • Beth will offer next steps for healing

    • I.e. exercise, meditation, additional sessions, other natural treatments and practitioners

  • Can be performed in person or distance


Business to Business Wellness Consulting

Dietitian, certified Reiki practitioner, educator, and author, Beth Kahn provides customized nutrition, health, and wellness programs for businesses, schools, communities, and other organizations.

  • Nutrition Consulting: healthy and appealing menu options, recipe creation, and analysis, nutrition fact labels

  • Customized Health education programs designed to educate students, families, personnel/staff, and the public about various physical, social, mental, and emotional health topics

  • Nutrition, Wellness, Reiki, and Intuitive lessons/sessions for your organization or group


Animal "Pet" Reiki

Animal "Pet" REiki

Beth offers Reiki for your pet! Reiki treatments can lead to healing, relaxation, and stress relief for the animal and a better understanding of the pet for the owner. 


These sessions are safe and natural and can be done in person or distance, and hands-on or off.  

Animal Reiki sessions can provide: 


  • Release of blocked, stagnant, negative energy

  • Physical, emotional, and mental pain relief

  • Relaxation and feeling of well-being

  • Insights into sources of pain

  • Guidance on steps for future healing

  • Bonding between parent and pet

  • Pain relief, healing

  • Removes energy blocks to create conditions for spiritual, mental, and physical wellness and healing

What to expect in an Animal Reiki session:

  • Can involve pet and parent, pet nearby or on lap 

  • In-person or distance

  • Hands-on or off (see "human" Reiki)

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Energy medicine practitioner, Beth Kahn has long had a connection to the "other side" which began with her feeling the presence of her grandmother soon after her passing, when Beth was a teenager. Her gifts have expanded ever since including with the study and practice of energy medicine.


Intuitive Readings can provide:

  • Connection to loved ones who have passed on

  • Guidance from your guides and loved ones to help you through lifes lessons

  • Understanding of karmic relationships/unhealthy cycles

  • Forgiveness of self and others

  • Guidance on future steps for healing


What to expect in an Intuitive Reading:


  • You and Beth will discuss your goals for the session

  • You can request information about or to connect with a specific person (living or passed on)

  • Beth will share messages from spiritual beings, and guides, about you or your loved ones

  • Beth will pass any messages about specific actions you can take to help you reach your health goals

Healing Stones

Beth's Books

After a visit to a nutritionist dramatically improved Beth Kahn’s health, she experienced a paradigm shift about eating and wellness. She subsequently became a nutrition consultant, health educator, intuitive Reiki energy medicine practitioner, and a passionate advocate for change.

Through these books, Beth inspires a shift in not only how we approach our own health but how we view food manufacturers, school cafeterias, the pharmaceutical, insurance and other powerful industries, and our healthcare, political, educational and other systems. Kahn shares her evolving health journey and hard-fought natural healing knowledge with others so they can heal from "Cell to Soul."

For more information click HERE.

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