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A Healing Revolution

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About Beth


After a Universally guided visit to a nutritionist dramatically improved Beth’s health (that multiple conventional practitioners failed to do) she experienced a paradigm shift in how we approach all matters affecting health. She continued her quest for optimal health through natural remedies and became a dietitian, health educator, and intuitive energy medicine practitioner to help others, as she has, heal naturally from “Cell to Soul.”

Beth earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition at the University of California at Davis in 2006, a Health Sciences teaching credential in 2013, and a Reiki II certification in 2020.

While working in a hospital nutrition services department, Beth became keenly aware that we all have important choices to make about our health. Beth handled the special diets of patients with a variety of health conditions, including diabetes; digestive issues; heart, kidney, liver, and lung disease; eating disorders; and more. Through these experiences, she was convinced that we can either take care of ourselves properly and live a more quality and healthy life or mistreat our bodies and minds and increase the likelihood we will suffer and our bodies and minds will break. She witnessed firsthand how many people were in the hospital due to poor nutrition and other unhealthy coping methods. Beth resolved to change all of that.

To help spread the word about natural healing, Beth published her first two books, A Nutrition Revolution: Uncover the Mysteries of Nutrition (2011) and A Nutrition Evolution: The Revolution Continues (2019), which shine a light on the fundamentals of nutrition and natural healing and explain why our health is in such a quagmire, and what we can do about it. 

From healthy eating, exercise, and stress management to condoms, consent, date rape, and everything in between, Beth has seen and heard just about everything as a public school health educator in economically, mentally, physically, and socially challenged areas for the past 20 years. This experience deepened her understanding of the variety of situations many of us face that impact health including unresolved trauma, grief, and poor self-esteem. 

In 2019, Beth asked the Universe to guide her to deeper healing. Within a couple of weeks, she discovered the person who would teach her Level I Reiki. She went on to earn her Level II certification months later. In one of Beth’s many natural healing successes, by utilizing a combination of natural methods including herbal supplements, dealing with old family issues, and practicing self-Reiki, she passed a large gallstone that was stuck in the neck of her gallbladder—another of her organs the doctors had recommended removing. Through natural healthcare methods amidst a “sick” medical system, Beth managed to save her gallbladder and other organs, and herself from experiencing continued suffering and the negative side effects of surgery and medications. Through the practice of Reiki, Beth gained a language for her intuitive gifts and utilizes them to help her clients ascend past their healing plateaus as she did.

In her Intuitive Readings, clients can heal old wounds by connecting with those living or passed and often discover the ideal next steps in their healing journeys. In Intuitive Reiki Energy sessions, Beth facilitates the release of any stuck energy, which can be due to unresolved emotional issues or just “life.” This energy can manifest as an injury or illness, a relationship doctors don’t usually address. Beth may recommend additional therapies, including nutritional interventions and journal activities. She also listens to them to help them process and release old hurts to move on to a lighter, happier, healthier place. This kind of healing is accomplished in her “Cell to Soul Energy Wellness Experience” offering. These sessions are gentle, meaningful, and precisely aimed at meeting the client's needs. The Universe knows what we all need and want and Beth listens with a sensitive ear.

In her latest book, The Intangibles: Lead Us to Heal from Cell to Soul (2023), Beth discusses the relationship between physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health and tells the incredible true story of being spiritually guided to natural healing her entire life—often unknowingly. She gives simple and effective tips to understand and embrace (and sometimes protect yourself from) the metaphysical realm to heal from cell to soul.

A lifelong athlete and participant in sports including tennis, soccer, softball, bicycling, snowboarding, stand-up paddling, and weightlifting, Beth has experienced many mental, physical, social, and spiritual health benefits that go with exercise. Like most athletes. she also experienced her share of musculoskeletal issues. She healed these issues with natural remedies such as stretching and strengthening, nutrition, energy medicine, and intuitive healing, and draws upon these successes along with her health background to keep her clients moving.

Beth knows that healing is often limited by focusing on one aspect of health, which is most often physical: our weight, symptoms

of illness, or disease. She also knows focusing on all aspects of health—physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual—is what

truly works. Most conventional treatments ignore complex underlying issues, so the roots of problems are never really solved.

Based on clients’ unique situations and her extensive health knowledge, Beth utilizes a customized blend of body, mind, and

spirit healing modalities to lead each client to their individual path of healing. 

Discover how Beth can help you nourish your body, mind, and spirit and heal naturally from “Cell to Soul.”

MESSAGE Beth or book a free CONSULTATION to discuss your options!

Read Beth's Story in Her Own Words HERE...

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