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A Healing Revolution

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Yoga by the Ocean

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"Cell to Soul"

Beth's most popular session type includes all of Beth's services customized to your needs including wellness coaching, nutrition counseling, Reiki energy medicine, and intuitive healing.

This journey begins by discussing your health goals and path so far and setting your intentions for the energy medicine portion of the session, where the intuitive channels of healing will be opened between Beth's hands and intuition, and your cells and soul.


Concluding the energy session, Beth will offer her practical and intuitive insights and suggestions for your next steps. This Holistic Healing session format allows for you to receive guidance from Beth, your highest self, and The Universe solely designed for you and your unique healing path.


Offered in-person or remotely via Zoom. 90 minutes = $120

Rate $75 per hour

Let's Talk About It!

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your unique goals and find the right service for you.

25 Minutes = FREE

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