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A Healing Revolution

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Get to know Beth Kahn and hear her HONEST insights about important HOLISTIC HEALTH topics including anxiety, co-dependence, the spirit world, and needed changes in public education. INTENTIONALLY created to help guide YOU to heal from "Cell to Soul!"


Politics is Personal
June 30, 2024

Beth talks about the importance of using our honest voices to heal; including in the 2024 US election and how everything is related. Cell-to-soul healing includes the ballot.


Beth's Energy Sessions
June 9, 2024

Hear what it is like to experience a healing energy session with Beth.


Vegas Baby!
June 8, 2024

Beth shares her revelatory experience studying people and collaboration at an education conference in Las Vegas.


The Chakra's: Solar Plexus and Heart
July 1, 2024

Beth shares her experience with the chakras and how they relate to our physical and energetic health.


Create Healthy Boundaries
May 24, 2024

Identify and address co-dependance; and learn to create a personal energetic boundary bubble.


A Spiritual Journey + Spontaneous Channeling 

Beth channels her Heavenly guides and communicates with her Earthly guides LIVE.

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