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A Healing Revolution

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Three-time book author Beth Kahn shares

her healing experiences and readers realize they are not alone and find new and innovative ways to succeed in their unique healing journeys.

The Intangibles (2023), Beth Kahn's third and latest book, tells the incredible true story of how she achieved deep healing with many tangible methods, including nutrition, but also with intanglible ones, including spiritual. Kahn continues to demonstrate how true healing often means going outside the conventional healthcare system. Kahn knows firsthand that deep healing includes a combination of physical, mental/emotional, social, and spiritual aspects, 

something most health practitioners overlook. Here she shares her divinely guided and acquired, effective and comprehensive health knowledge so others can heal, as she did, from "Cell to Soul."

“I think long before the pyramids were built, Beth was working on a way to help others, putting together a formula for our daily living and how to deal with the unknown, intangibles.” ~ Dr. Randal Jones, Doctor of Chiropractic

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A Nutrition Evolution, Kahn's second book offers clear and comprehensive nutrition information and illuminates the pathways to achieving optimal health through natural remedies, including nutrition. Kahn provides critical updates including about the mass adulterated food system that is making us sick, and how we have improved since her first book, A Nutrition Revolution. Kahn points us in the direction we must now go to solve our individual, community, and systemic problems. Many of her popular plant-based meal ideas are also included because she knows most people need (and want) to as she says, become "more vegan."​

“Honest information from an expert Dietitian and Health Educator. This book is amazing!” ~ Kimberly Ohara-Borowski, SHAPE America National Health Teacher of the Year, Health Educator

A Nutrition Revolution, Kahn's first book is not another “how-to” diet book, it is a “how-to-understand-nutrition” book that asks readers to make a philosophical shift in their approaches to eating. In a personal and compelling manner, Kahn educates the reader on the fundamentals of nutrition so they can decide what to eat to support a personalized and healthy lifestyle. The book includes a comprehensive list of nutrients, what they do, and where to find them. As Kahn notes in the book, you can give someone a fish and they eat for a day or teach them to fish and they eat for a lifetime. She teaches the reader how to "fish." Cut through the nutritional noise and be empowered and motivated to create a healthy sustainable diet that works for you through, A Nutrition Revolution.

“Kahn is at the forefront of a paradigm shift: a re-shifting of focus toward root causes like nutrition and education.” ~ Jaime Mitchell, Publisher, and Owner of Natural Awakenings Magazine East Bay, Holistic Nutritionist

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